Termite And White Ant Treatments

Termite And White Ant Treatments

1 in 4 Australian homes will be affected by termites in their lifetime.

​Termites are pests that can cause extensive damage and significant financial loss to a home or building owner. As termites work in a concealed manner, the extent of damage can be potentially life changing as most people’s biggest investment is their home and once a colony of termites have moved in the financial loss can be enormous.

​Termite control starts in the identification stage, by correctly identifying the species of termite, knowing the severity of infestation and extent of damage that has been caused to a structure. With this information we can tailor a termite management plan to meet your needs.

​The manner in which a house or building was constructed can dictate the effectiveness of a termite management system/s. There are two main systems we implement to existing homes; Chemical treatment zones (termite barriers) & Termite monitoring stations. Both systems play an important role in protecting a home from termite attack and a tailored system can be installed by one of our qualified technicians, simply call us and one of our technicians will meet you on site for an obligation free quote.

​You can rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of experienced professionals with the right knowledge and attitude to get the job done right.

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