Termite Inspections

​Annual termite inspections are helpful to limit the potential for large scale damage and costly repairs

In South East Queensland 1 in 4 homes will be attacked by termites in their lifetime.

​Annual termite inspections are essential for early termite detection. An inspection of the property will give an owner the information required to make an informed decision to help limit the potential for large scale damage and costly repairs. Ozrid’s timber pest inspections will assess the conditions conducive to timber pests attack and provide a detailed recommendation of how to minimise the risks.

The CSIRO recommends a pest inspection at least once a year and in some cases even more frequently, depending on the risk of termite attack to the structure. A detailed annual termite inspection by Ozrid is therefore the best protection against termites. Our skilled technicians are highly experienced in the detection of termite activity and can help you prevent long term damage to your property.

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