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Professional spider control is important to avoid infestations

Spiders are not insects, they are from the group Arachnida which includes Mites, Ticks and even Scorpions! Spiders are easily recognisable by their eight legs and some people happily accept the presence of spiders in their home whilst others cannot bear the thought of them.

​Spiders most commonly enter structures through gaps around door frames, window frames, air vents and pipe runs. The most popular entry point for spiders is under the eaves of buildings, thus entering the roof void from where they can venture downward into the home. Keeping vegetation away from the building can be a good method of reducing the incidence of spiders. Bushes provide excellent web making facilities for spiders and, if close to the house, this could result in spiders venturing into the home.

​Control of spiders is not easy but luckily you are in good hands. Professional spider control is important to avoid large or repeat infestations. Our treatment service is aimed at identifying spider species that may be an issue to a home or business and our certified technicians have expert knowledge in implementing a treatment plan to tackle the heaviest of infestations.

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