Silverfish Control

Tailored solution to suit the heaviest infestations against silverfish

Silverfish, also known as Bristletails are of the Order Thysanura. Their bodies are long, flat and slender.

It takes anywhere from three months to three years for a silverfish to develop from an egg to an adult and they can continue to live for up to three years once reaching maturity. Adult silverfish lay their eggs in cracks and crevices near food sources and prefer a dark, moist environment and require a large supply of starchy foods or molds around the home as there food source. Silverfish have many food sources around the home including cardboard, paper, glue, magazines, book bindings, dried beef, oats and any other starchy items.

​Because they molt during their adult lives, the cast skins can provide useful detection of their presence.

If you are experiencing a problem with silverfish around the home or office, Contact Ozrid Pest Control and we can tailor a solution to suit the heaviest infestations.

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