Ant Control

To effectively treat ants the entire colony will need to be treated

Ants are a social insect that live in colonies. In order to effectively treat ants the entire colony will need to be treated, as simply spraying an ant/s with a typical ant spray, particularly a repellent spray will only kill a few at best and the problem will continue to exist.

​Ants enter your house foraging for food, water or to seek shelter. They can enter through the smallest openings and in a short period of time there numbers can spiral out of control.

​If you are experiencing a problem with ants around the home or office contact Ozrid Pest Control and we can tailor a treatment to suit the heaviest infestations.

Do I have Ants or Termites?

If you are unsure whether you have ants or termites please contact us now and we can send an experienced technician to properly identify and remedy your problem.

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